Curriculum highlights


Curriculum highlights
  • English-rich learning environment
  • In our school, we aim to provide a language-rich learning environment to our students so as to maximize their use and exposure to English which helps equip them with the skills and knowledge to be global citizens.

  • School-based curriculum
  • Our school has proudly joined two English programmes introduced by the Education Bureau (EDB) for both upper and lower primary:

    • Space Town Programme (P.1-3)
    • PEEGS Programme (P.4-6)

  • Cater for learner diversity
  • School-based graded Supplementary Worksheet (SW), Sentence Building Exercise (SB) and Writing Exercise (WR) have been developed. Differentiated instruction and collaborative learning are also implemented in our classrooms.

  • Opportunities for personal and intellectual development
  • With the broad range of English activities available at our school, students can develop their skills in various domains thus preparing them to be capable of life-long learning.
    Below are the examples of our language-rich activities: